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GE 70-TON SCALE DIESEL LOCOMOTIVE Navigates O-27 curves Suggested price: $429.95 each SHIPPING 2018 New and existing tooling. The GE 70-Ton Diesel was promoted as “middleweight power with a heavyweight punch.” It was an economical and efficient choice for branchlines and short lines in the late 1940s/early 1950s that wanted a lighter engine than the typical 100- or 120-ton switcher. Featuring True Blast ® Plus and dual motors with flywheel, our new O Gauge model packs its own punch to handle all your switching duties. Features include: • True Blast ® Plus 16-bit polyphonic sound including prime mover, horn, and bell • die-cast frame • die-cast trucks • dual motors with flywheel • prototypical scale dimensions • electronic reverse board with directional lock-out • LED lighting • engineer cab figure • flush-mounted windshield with separate wipers SOUTHERN PACIFIC #5114 (HO model shown for illustrative purposes) Item No. 23501 98 CANADIAN NATIONAL #30 (HO illustration shown) Item No. 23502 RUTLAND 500 TROPICANA #98 (HO illustration shown) Item No. 23503 RUTLAND #500 (HO illustration shown) Item No. 23504 EMD F59PHI LOCOMOTIVE Navigates O-31 curves • Length 15.75'' • Width 2.5'' • Height 3.875'' Suggested price: $529.95 each SHIPPING NOVEMBER 2017 The EMD F59PHI is a diesel-electric locomotive still hard at work on passenger trains in the United States and Canada. It was first built in 1994 by General Motors’ Electro-Motive Division (EMD) and later by EMD’s successor company, Electro-Motive Diesel. With its sleek streamlined design and distinctive detailing, our F59PHI is the perfect addition to your modern passenger railroad. Features include: • True Blast ® Plus 16-bit polyphonic sound including prime mover, horn, and bell • dual vertical motors with flywheels • headlights with prototypical reversing lighting effects • operating ditch lights • 8-wheel drive with traction tires • die cast trucks, fuel tank, pilot, and wheels • operating die-cast metal couplers • illuminated number boards and marker lights • roof vent detail and lift rings • etched brass screens on sides • separate fan covers with freely rotating fans • separate metal steps • rear platform detail • fully-sprung opening cab doors • two engineer figures • separate windshield wipers • metal chassis • prototypical reproduction with authentic paint schemes AMTRAK ® PACIFIC SURFLINER ® #459 Item No. 23401 2001 Offically licensed by Amtrak AMTRAK CALIFORNIA℠ #2001 (illustration shown) Item No. 23402 AMTRAK CASCADES ® #470 (illustration shown) Item No. 23403